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I use an Android tablet, and a Samsung Android smartphone, as well as my other devices. I enjoy working with Android devices, because they are all a little different. Many of my clients and customers use tablets for the sheer convenience, and they are considerably less expensive than an iPad or iPhone. Android tablets integrate seamlessly with the Google environment, because they make it easy for you to obtain all the applications (apps) you need through Google Play. Additionally, another great feature of the Android tablet range is that you have a wide variety of manufacturers to choose from. Moreover, they have devices for all budgets.

I will show you how to set-up your tablet to best suit you, including how to change your home screen, and I will explain the important features to you. For example, your apps may not be arranged to suit your needs. A few simple changes, which I can show you, can make all the difference to how you use your tablet.


Simply tap the phone icon to call me from your mobile, so that we can discuss how I can help. My telephone number is 01432 268883.

For more ways to contact me, please visit my contact page.