iPads, iPhones, – I can help

I have owned and used 4 Apple iPads since they were first released in 2010; I’m now using an iPad Air 2. I have been providing iPad help for many customers over the past few years, as I am very familiar with their set-up and use.

My number one go-to device, whether I’m home or away, is my iPad. It’s so convenient to pick up and then instantly read and write emails, have a FaceTime conversation, surf the internet, read a book, perhaps on the Kindle app, listen to some music, watch some videos on Youtube, program my Sky Box, browse through my collection of photos, and take some new ones – the list goes on and on! Let me know what you want to do, or let me show you some of my favourite apps.


Simply tap the phone icon to ring me on your mobile, so that we can discuss how I can help. My telephone number is 01432 268883.

For more ways to contact me, please visit my contact page.