Windows support, training and assistance

Windows help for your laptop or PC

Do you need some Windows help on your computer? If you have a tower or laptop, you’re probably using the Windows operating system. If you bought your device in the last year or so, it will almost certainly be running Windows 10. I was among the first to adopt Windows 10, in a test environment at home, as a Windows Insider, so I am well-placed to assist you. In particular, I can provide you with the training you need to improve your basic computer skills.


picture of Windows help - recovery screenWindows 10 updates – help when things go wrong

Have you ever been confronted by this screen? Windows 10 “as a service” is going through a lot of changes at the moment. Updates can sometimes cause problems on laptops and desktops. I can help you get your machine back on track.


picture - question mark - windows helpApps and software

Microsoft Office, or perhaps a free alternative? – I use many different types of software in the course of my work; just ask me when I visit. It is not always necessary to rush out and buy into the biggest and frequently most expensive software suites. There are some excellent free alternatives to the well-known applications. This applies both to office software, and hobby or leisure software.


 Other services

Please have a look at my services page to discover more about the many ways I can help you with modern technology.

Flexible sessions

The choice is entirely yours. Many of my clients enjoy the fact that I do not ask anyone to commit to an ongoing contract, or a set number of sessions. On the other hand, I visit several clients on a regular basis, to help with day-to-day computer issues,  and to explain the rapid changes which are taking place.

Support at your location

No need to worry about transporting your device into a shop or office for windows help; I will come to your home or location. I do not charge mileage within the Hereford city. Further afield, I need to make a small mileage charge to cover petrol. Please see my fees for details.

The best way to get help soon with your issue is to call Hereford Computer Help on 01432 268883

Social Media

If you’d like to read more about what I do, a good place to start is my Facebook business page, where I post handy tips and links to things I find interesting.