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I will help solve your internet problems –  I enjoy trouble-shooting broadband, home network setup and connectivity problems. Are you having trouble getting all your devices working with your home wi-fi? I can assist you with all of this and more.

internet browser choices

Would you like to learn how to use Google and other search engines more effectively? Why not try out some different browsers? A browser is just the name for the program or application you use to view sites on the worldwide web. Some internet problems are caused by the browser being used. Sometimes, a toolbar or search box will take-over, and make your browsing very slow. Windows comes pre-loaded with the Edge browser, and Microsoft does quite a lot to stop you from straying to some of its rivals. It’s totally your choice – you might like to try Google Chrome (usually just called Chrome), or Mozilla Firefox, (simply called Firefox). I use all of them,  – it is useful to have alternatives available, and not just rely on one.

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