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I have been giving computer lessons in Herefordshire for many years, and I will help with all computers. I solve problems with Windows, on Macs, iPads, Android tablets and smartphones. My help is affordable, because I provide a mobile service, with simple fees, and I am available at short notice. If you’re on your smartphone, then just tap the blue icon to call me.

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technical support

Wouldn’t it be great if computers worked flawlessly, all the time? Well, sometimes, things can and do go wrong. If you have a computer problem that needs solving, then I am sure that I can help.

computer help for all your devices and gadgets

Please take a moment to check-out my services page, because I am confident that I can help you. I provide help for PCs, Macs, iPads, Android tablets and smartphones. As I use all these devices daily, I am well-equipped to assist you.


“I am committed to providing professional, affordable, and friendly technical support, training and assistance, for PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, Apple and Android devices throughout Herefordshire, by being available to help customers at short-notice.” – Mark Giles