photo of Mark Gilesabout Mark Giles

Some brief background notes about Mark Giles, trading as Hereford Computer Help. A born and bred Herefordian, I have operated a computer training and support business for over 7 years. I provide IT help and coaching, covering all aspects of information technology throughout Herefordshire and beyond. Many of my clients are actively retired, and enjoy the patient, one-to-one basis of my training and support.

My first business name was Computer Coaching At Home. In 2017, I changed my trading name to Hereford Computer Help, because I recognized that there was an increasing demand for technical support and internet trouble-shooting, particularly with tablets, smartphones and laptops. As a result, I was able to offer an wider range of services.

love of computing

The first computer I owned was the Sinclair ZX-81, around 1982. During the 1980s, I purchased several Sinclair Spectrums, because they brought down the cost of home computing to within the budget of home users for the first time. In 1991, I self-taught on Microsoft Disk Operating System, or DOS as it was known. Windows was at about version 3 or 3.1.

Since then, I have owned more than a dozen PCs, tablets and smartphones. I continually develop my interest in computers and technology. At the moment, I have a desktop PC with Windows 10, an Apple iPad Air, a Macbook Pro, an Android tablet, and a Samsung smartphone.

business philosophy

By charging fairly for my IT services, I have developed a keen following from my many customers throughout Herefordshire, and further afield! My services include:

In short, if you’d like some patient and friendly help, which is both professional and affordable, please call me on 01432 268883 for prompt help with your computer, laptop, Apple Mac, tablet or smartphone!

Additionally, you can get in touch by using the methods shown on my contact page.